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    A deposit is to be provided to the landlord based on the sqft of space needed. The applicant agrees the deposit is held by the landlord. It will subsequently be applied to the applicant's deposit once approved to lease the space. The full monies deposited will be returned if the landlord deems the applicant unapproved minus a $300 administrative fee. Furthermore, if the applicant decides to withdraw their application, the landlord has the right to retain the deposit. It is agreed by both parties this is liquidated damages and a fee for the application service.
    Required Documentation
    • Copy of Legal Personal Identification e.g Drivers Licence, Passport
    • Copy of Incorporation Documents
    • Copy of current Financial Statements for the last accounting period and fiscal year
    I/we hereby agree that personal and corporate credit investigations may be conducted, and consumer and corporate reports obtained in support of this Offer to Lease/Lease. By signing this document I/we affirm that the above information is true and would be deemed as such in a court of law this
    day of
    , Alberta

    Terms and Conditions
    Please check the box and by doing so you understand that this application becomes a legally binding document that conforms to our leasing standards and all applicable binding laws.